A Lighter Thanksgiving Holiday!

A Lighter Thanksgiving Holiday!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we’re gearing up for festivities with plenty of eating and drinking! Through the holiday season, maintaining a healthy diet can feel challenging but it’s as simple as swapping out high calorie ingredients for lower calorie alternatives. Here are some tips to enjoy your favorite foods without abandoning your healthy lifestyle.

While enticing, the array of dips, canapes and snacks at the appetizer table are often loaded with calories. Choose the vegetables over chips and crackers, to start. When making a dip, try swapping out high-calorie mayonnaise or sour cream with low-fat yogurt or low-fat sour cream. Bean-based dips like hummus are also healthier options, high in fiber and protein which will help keep you full longer. Choose cheeses that are lower in fat like part-skim mozzarella, Parmigiano or Cheddar. And choose baked over fried appetizers, less fat with all the crunch!

For the beloved side dishes, go heavy on the veggies that have been given a few light tweaks. Dress a medley of root vegetables in extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs then roast on high. For your mashed potatoes, incorporate heated vegetable stock and roasted garlic, or olive oil and roasted garlic, instead of cream and butter. A traditional favorite like sweet potatoes with marshmallows can also be lightened up! Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet, as well as full of fifiber and beta carotene, so they don’t need any added sugar – just steam, mash with a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, and then top with some toasted pecans.

Of course, our favorite low-calorie wine to pair with holiday dishes is Osmosis Sauvignon Blanc. With only 85 light calories, and full of flavor, you can enjoy your holiday without all the guilt. Sauvignon Blanc goes great with turkey and all the trimmings, with its bright crisp acidity and tropical notes, it’s the perfect pairing! And don’t forget that for those of you who are Gluten Free or Vegan, Osmosis Sauvignon Blanc is as well!

From our glass to yours, Osmosis Wines wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving!