Frequently Asked Questions

What is OSMOSIS?

OSMOSIS is a low calorie, low alcohol Sauvignon Blanc made from 100% Sustainably Farmed, Estate Grown Grapes from our family’shigh-altitude vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina. With zero sugar, andcertified Vegan and Gluten Free, OSMOSIS is the Best Better for YouWine!

Why was OSMOSIS created?

OSMOSIS was created with you in mind. Our wines are made for people who are socially conscious and mindful about what they consume.

Where does OSMOSIS come from?

From our sustainably farmed, family owned, estate vineyards in Alto Agrelo, Mendoza Argentina. Alto Agrelo is considered the premier zone of production for wines in Mendoza.

Who makes OSMOSIS?

OSMOSIS wines are made by a team of winemakers, led by Winemaker, Martina Galeano, in Alto Agrelo, Mendoza Argentina.

Is OSMOSIS low in alcohol?

Yes! Only 9% ABV. Our hand-harvested Sauvignon Blanc is picked on 3 different days: February 6th, 12th and 18th. The early first harvest gave us natural lower alcohol and bright acidity. the second harvest produced citric ­flavors such as passion fruit and grapefruit. e latest harvest produced ripe, rich ­flavors of tropical fruits such as pineapple.

What are the calories per 5 oz serving in a glass of OSMOSIS?

OSMOSIS Sauvignon Blanc is only 85 Calories per 5 oz serving with no sugar.


Yes! OSMOSIS Sauvignon Blanc is certified Vegan.

Is OSMOSIS Sustainable?

Yes! OSMOSIS Sauvignon Blanc is certified Sustainable!

Why does Sustainability matter

At OSMOSIS, we believe that if we take care of the earth and community they will take care of us as well. Sustainability is one of our key pillars. Our pure water comes from the Andes, and we don't waste a drop. We use only high-quality bio compost and compost our waste to use as fertilizer. Llamas graze our property and provide wool for weaving to our workers. In addition, we give back to our community by recycling all materials and donating the proceeds to Mendoza Children's Hospital.

Is OSMOSIS Gluten Free

Yes, OSMOSIS Sauvignon Blanc is Gluten-Free.

Is OSMOSIS Estate Grown?

Yes, all the Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown for OSMOSIS come from our family’s vineyards in Alto Agrelo Mendoza, Argentina.

What does OSMOSIS taste like?

OSMOSIS Sauvignon Blanc is crisp and refreshing with pretty floral notes and ripe pineapples, citrus and passion fruit.

Is OSMOSIS low sugar?

Yes! OSMOSIS Sauvignon Blanc is not just low in sugar, it is Zero Sugar!

How much does OSMOSIS cost?

OSMOSIS Sauvignon Blanc retails for approximately $14.99.

Where can I find OSMOSIS?

Please click on the WHERE TO BUY (insert hyperlink here) orcontact us at

What’s the best temperature to serve OSMOSIS Sauvignon Blanc?

To keep the bright crisp notes and tropical fruit tastes, it’s best to serve OSMOSIS Sauvignon Blanc well chilled from 45-49°F.

What foods pair well with OSMOSIS Sauvignon Blanc?

OSMOSIS Sauvignon Blanc is a versatile wine and pairs well with many foods! Perfect with shellfish like oysters and lobster, or with cool crisp salad, chicken dishes, and light white meats such as pork. Great also with spicy foods as well as soft ripe cheeses like Brie or Camembert.

Will there be more wines available?

Yes! Look for our Red Blend coming soon!

Who is the parent company of OSMOSIS Wine and do they have other brands?

OSMOSIS Wines are imported by Vino del Sol, Your Trusted Source for Great Wine! You can find out more about Vino Del Sol here.

How do I contact you?

Please email Osmosis at and we will get right back to you.

I am trade, how do I contact you about purchasing OSMOSIS?

Please reach out to your local Vino del Sol representative or contact us at: