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How to Know if Your Wine is Truly Sustainable

At Osmosis, we respect what the earth has given us and protect it for future generations. Those who buy our wines are looking for wines from wineries that mirror our values and ideals. Does the winery conserve water? Does it give back to the community? Does it respect the environment and use nature’s resources? Is it estate grown? Is it family-owned?

Osmosis Winery and vinesMany wineries will state on their labels that they are sustainable, like OSMOSIS. We follow a comprehensive set of practices for sustainable wine growing that are environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically viable. The best way to really know if a winery is really sustainable is to visit the winery’s website, and to read and learn.

Being from Argentina, OSMOSIS has to be conscious of water. As our vineyard resides in a desert-like area, we rely on getting our water through natural irrigation. Our pure water comes from the Andes and we don’t waste a drop! We use only high-quality bio compost and compost our waste to use as fertilizer to nourish the. Our sustainable agricultural practices are certified GLOBAL G.A.P. and are a gold medal recipient of the BRIT’S International Award of Excellence in Sustainable Wine Growing Competition.

llmas on osmosis wine property

Social responsibility is also a pillar of sustainability and OSMOSIS is a part of the “RESTART THE CYCLE PROGRAM, where we support the local Children’s Hospital of Mendoza with the proceeds from recycling.

We are founding members of WIM, Wine In Moderation and in cooperation with Junior Achievement, we help keep children from dropping out of school by teaching the benefits of learning.

Llamas graze in our vineyards and their wool is used by Bolivian weavers living in our community.

Remember if you take care of the land it will take care of you.  It is important to be environmentally conscious and socially responsible, buy wines from wineries that believe that as a guiding principal.  Get Your Wine by OSMOSIS, it’s Sustainable!