How to Start a Wine & Book Club

How to Start a Wine & Book Club

One of the great pleasures in life is sitting down with a good book and a great glass of wine. They’re a perfect pair and even more enjoyable when they can be shared with friends. Here’s a guide on how to set up a Wine and Book Club:

Step 1: Consider which genres are of interestMysteries and Thrillers; Best Sellers, Fiction or Historical Fictionand which wines you’ll pair with them.

Step 2: Invite friends and colleagues and let them know the book and wine theme that’s been selected.

Step 3: Choose your first book. Make sure it’s long enough to encourage discussion but short enough for people to finish it on time. Select a bottle to pair with it (We think our Osmosis Sauvignon Blanc goes perfect with a good read)!

Step 4: Pour yourself a glass and start reading! We suggest setting a schedule for finishing chapters and the book.

Step 5: Gather your group and let the discussion flow. And then choose the next book, next wine, and next host! Whether you are discussing just a few chapters or the end of the book, it’s always better with friends, food and a glass of wine like Osmosis Sauvignon Blanc, just a light 85 calories but full of flavor!