What Makes a Wine Vegan? Celebrating Veganuary with Osmosis

What Makes a Wine Vegan? Celebrating Veganuary with Osmosis

January is often the month where we try new things or make changes to our lifestyle.  Many of these changes are centered around the way we eat and drink, as we strive to make healthier decisions. This year, in addition to dry or dry-ish January, there’s another resolution many are adopting: Veganuary. Veganuary has dedicated the month of January to veganism and that applies to wine, as well, since not all wines are vegan.  

A perfect example of a certified Vegan wine is our Osmosis Sauvignon Blanc, a great selection to accompany many plant-based dishes. You may be wondering, what makes wine vegan?  As with food, for a wine to be vegan, it must contain no animal products. Although it seems odd for a wine to contain animal products, many do. They’re used to fine or clarify a wine. In support of the wellness lifestyle we advocate for, we’ve created wines that do not take from animals, but instead benefit them through our sustainable practices. 

Go ahead, give Veganuary a try and join us with a glass of Osmosis!


The Osmosis Team